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If Cleveland Fans Don’t Boo Lebron James Tonight They Have No Heart, No Soul, No Pride, No Integrity, No Reason To Live

(Anything less than this level of booing will be a failure)

So I’ve seen some back and forth on this topic. Will Lebron James get booed tonight when he returns to Cleveland for the first time as a member of the Lakers. To be honest I’m not sure what the reaction is going to be. My guess is that it will be mixed, but there is no doubt what it should be. It should be 1,000% boos, hisses and possible violence. There is ZERO reason for Cleveland fans to cheer Lebron. Because newsflash Lebron treated the city of Cleveland like a used condom. He used you, jizzed on you and then threw you in the toilet when he was done with you guys. He left your city not once but twice. Yes he won a championship for the Cavs, but big whoop. He won 2 in Miami. He is a wrecker of franchises. He used all your resources for his personal gain and then when he’d had enough he skipped town and left you with the unpaid bill. There is nothing that Lebron James did for Cleveland because he cares about Cleveland. Every move he made was calculated and for his own personal gain. He is a mercenary. To cheer for a man like would be cheering for famine, plague and devastation. If the good people of Cleveland have an ounce of pride left in them after everything Lebron has put them through they will boo Bron Bron like they’ve never booed before. And for that I will respect these humble blue collar simpletons forever.