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The Rodgers Family Feud Continues As Jordan Chirps Aaron On Twitter For Not Checking In On Their Mom During The California Fires

Yiiiiiiiiiiiiiiikes. That’s a big ol bowl of yikes from the Rodgers brothers right there. These two dudes HATE each other. It’s a bad look for everyone involved but mostly Jordan. Jordan publicly chirping Aaron for not calling their mom during the California fires is a wild move. Aaron is trying to help people in need so it was a weird time for Jordan to be like, “This is the perfect time to bring up our family bullshit.” Yeah it’s not great if what Jordan is saying is true but now is not the time or place to bring it up. Airing the dirty laundry on Twitter was a very stupid idea. Tough to blast a guy for donating millions of dollars but Jordan found a a way. Not to mention Jordan continually forgets that the only reason he’s relevant is because Aaron is a superstar. The only reason Jordan got cast for The Bachelorette is because of Aaron. The only reason Jordan has been considered for football analyst jobs is because of Aaron. The only reason Jordan has any shred of relevance in the public eye is because Aaron is awesome at throwing a football.

We’ve known for awhile that the Rodgers family, to put it lightly, has a rocky history. Aaron Rodgers doesn’t speak to his parents and Jordan for reasons that are still somewhat unknown. The rumor for awhile was that Olivia Munn was the cause of it all but she has wholeheartedly denied that since her an Aaron broke up. It doesn’t really matter why the Rodgers family is split. It matters that they are split and that they clearly still hate each other. The hate runs so deep and burns so hot that Jordan is chirping Aaron about their family drama while Aaron tries raise money to help people recover from devastating fires. That’s some true hatred right there.