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The Wall Street Journal Is Trying To Bully Me Into Being The Worst Version Of Myself When I Work From Home

Simply put – fuck you Wall Street Journal. Don’t you dare tell me how to dress when I work from home. I can guarantee it won’t work. In fact I’m never going to wear jeans or dress up when I work from home. It’s only going to be pajama pants, sweatpants and basketball shorts. That’s it. Stop trying to make dressing from home a thing.

You can try and make the argument that ‘well it helps you work harder when you dress like you’re in the office.’ Excuse me, have you seen the Barstool office? Outside of a handful of people it’s sweatpants there too. Do a little research for me one time.

I tried to not get too worked up here, but this felt like a personal attack. Imagine sitting in my basement wearing a goddamn collard shirt and slacks? Absolutely not. Imagine Clem wearing anything but jerseys and hoodies because he’s a dad and allowed? Couldn’t be me. This is by far the dumbest take in the world and since it’s about to be Thanksgiving, I’m thankful I work at a place where I can only wear sweatpants seven days a week.