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I Wish I Was As Dedicated To Anything As This Guy Is To Trying To Show Me His Balls

Screen Shot 2018-11-21 at 12.14.40 PM

Salutations, indeed, good sir!

Look, it’s Wednesday before Thanksgiving. Even if you’re supposed to be working, you’re not working. Is this the most important blog in the world? Maybe Probably not. But I just thought this gentleman’s heart, desire, and tenacity to get me to see his balls may give someone a much needed chuckle. I’ve seen the dedication of will from Stoolies before. Heckfire, way back in 2014 I had a random Barstool follow snapchat me (follow Smitty1581 on Snap, por favor) a picture of the ceiling…EVERY SINGLE TIME HE WENT INTO A NEW ROOM. It got to the point that I not only had no choice but to respect such batshit tenacity, but I started to look forward to the snaps. I’m not saying we’re to that point with this guy’s multiple requests to show me his balls, but I do respect a good effort.

Now I just gotta have my head on a swivel in case I turn the corner and come face first with The Goat. Can’t get got.