Wake Up With The Best Of Adrian Beltre - Including Homers From His Knees, Head Touches, And Much More

With the news that Adrian Beltre has decided to retire, I thought it was only right that we do a greatest hits version for him. He's the most underrated player in baseball in the last 25 years and I believe is a first ballot hall of famer. The 39-year-old won 5 Gold Gloves, was a 4 time All Star, 4 time Silver Slugger, and a 2 time Platinum Glove award winner. Take away his injury plagued 2009 and 2017 season and he is one of the most consistent players ever. He'll head into Cooperstown in 5 years with some damn good career numbers. 2,933 games played, 12,130 plate appearances, 1,524 runs, 3,166 hits, 477 homers, 1,707 RBIs, 121 stolen bags, a career .286 hitter, .339 OBP, .480 slugging %, and an OPS of .819. He broke into the league in 1998 as a 19-year-old with the Dodgers, spent 7 seasons in LA before heading to Seattle in 2005. From there he went to Boston for a one year stint in 2010, and has spent the remaining 8 seasons in Texas. Everywhere he went he produced. I never really understood why he kept moving around. I've always thought he's one of the best players in baseball, not just on the field, but off the field. It seems like EVERYONE loves Beltre. Over his tenure he may have been the most liked person in baseball too.
Obviously he is known as a knucklehead. Just watch the video and see how many times he tries to fight Elvis Andrus for touching his head. That has been one of baseballs best ongoing sagas, will someone get a clean touch of the head? We've seen Beltre throw gloves at people for touching him, walk through the dugout with bats to protect himself, I hope at his HOF induction he finally lets someone get a nice touch of the dome. He had a knack for going down to his knee when he swung, and more times than not that ball left the park.
No one had more fun on the baseball field than Beltre, he may be 39, but he acts like a 7 year old out there. I don't think he ever got the reogniziton he deserved for how good he was, he was always under the radar, never was able to bring home a ring, finished top 5 in MVP voting only twice, and will end his career 23 homers shy of 500.
He was such an awesome player, it'll be weird next season when he's not out there ducking around with Elvis and Odor, guess that means I'll have to watch this video a bunch of times next season just to laugh at it.
Viva la Beltre.