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Tiger When Phil Bet Him $100,000 That He Would Birdie The First Hole Of Their Match: "Double It"

Here’s what I’ll say. The first part of that is hard to watch because Tiger and Phil were clearly told to make some sort of wager during the press conference to get people juiced up. Betting is hot in the streets and both of these guys are notorious gamblers on the golf course so it had to be done. It was so forced that it made me wanna puke all over my computer. The media members in attendance ooing and ahhing over them making the bet made me wanna jump into the Hudson with cinder blocks tied to my feet. I’m sorry but it did.

BUT 33 seconds into the clip when Tiger starts chirping Phil about how there’s water down the left and how Phil loses his ball to the left, THAT was real. The last 27 seconds of that clip is two very very very very very good professional golfers who have disliked each other for decades ribbing one another about how they play. That was enjoyable. The good parts leading up to The Match have been the glimpses of true animosity between the two of them. It’s like when Tiger said, “I’ve been in Phil’s head for 20 years.” That’s good stuff because we know it’s true. Tiger has thought about how much real estate he has in Phil’s head and Phil has obviously thought about that a lot over the course of his career. The more of that stuff we get, the better this whole thing is gonna be.

PS- The side bet money is going to charity FYI.