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Peter Laviolette Is New The Head Coach Of The Nashville Predators

NASHVILLE – The Nashville Predators seem to have found the ideal fit for their coaching vacancy Tuesday when they hired Peter Laviolette to be the second coach in franchise history. After not renewing Barry Trotz’s contract, the Predators began looking for an offensive-minded coach with a proven track record.

Most people liked Peter Laviolette running the ship for the Flyers. Obviously, Craig Berube doing one hell of a job made it evident a change at the helm was needed, but still, Lavi will always be respected in this town. The man has a cup in Carolina and came within 2 games of delivering one to Broad St. Sucks he should’ve been let go after last season instead of 3 games into this year’s campaign, but good for Lavi for landing on his feet. Expect Nashville to have 2 stellar seasons till the Jam goes dry like everywhere else he’s coached.

Enjoy finally landing Shea Weber. Fucker would’ve been a God wearing Orange & Black.

PS – Reliving this soulless, scared stare into nothing infuriated me beyond belief. Need your goalie to be a little nuts, just Bryz was/is the wrong, pussy kind of crazy.