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What Exactly Is Happening Here?

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Ahh, this tweet again. You remember from this morning right? Well what the hell is going on. Just today at practice as expected Terry downplayed the whole thing

just like we all expected. A non-issue according to him. However, if this is to believed, how do you explain Devin Bookers actions here. Who does he play for? Phoenix? That same Suns team that has tried to trade for Rozier multiple times and is in need of a starting point guard. That’s so weird and totally a coincidence that their franchise player is liking a cryptic tweet that definitely is’t in regards to Danny Ainge trading him. No cause for concern at all, why would there be? It’s not like NBA players don’t drop easter eggs on Twitter all the damn time or anything.

But I’m going to have to kindly ask Devin Booker to back the hell off. We’re trying to figure out how to make this work, not take back any trash that Phoenix has and ship Terry out of town. You want to make it your unprotected first round pick this year I’m sure Danny will listen. I’m just saying, I see what you’re doing here and I don’t like it one bit. You may have thought nobody would notice, or maybe you knew they would and that’s why you did it, but either way I can’t have it. You wait until the summer like everybody else OK? Make an offer then, but in the meantime, Terry is off limits.