Ladies, It's Time To Slide Into Michael B. Jordan's DMs

Leave it to Ellen and Chrissy Teigen to get all the juicy details from Michael B. Jordan. They’re questioning him about his dating life, obviously he tries to play it cool but then Chrissy asks him if he’s every hooked up with someone who slid into the DMs. And his answer is yes. Yes he has. Can’t blame the guy, he’s human! Chrissy just opened the floodgates. Michael B. Jordan is about to get millions of DMs from women (and men) of all ages. Even Nicki Minaj was ready to slide in the DMs during her acceptance speech at the People’s Choice Awards.

Nicki shooting her shot and Michael wasn’t even at the show. If Nicki is doing it, everyone is doing it. Michael get ready….the DMs are coming.