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End Your Workday With The Best Plays From Week 5


You did it. You made it to the last part of the last day before your ultimate freedom to Thanksgiving. Part of me feels bad for you that you couldn’t get out early, but then it reminded me that’s why this blog is so important. For you sorry bastards that are still stuck in the cube this late, you’re looking for anything to get you over the hump. All you wanted was an easy Tuesday and maybe you had some unexpected work fires and you’re mad as hell. I feel your pain and know it all too well. So how could I know that and not do my part to help you out on that journey. We had another outrageous week of basketball in Week 5. I could tell you more about it but why make you read more when you could just see for yourself.

Hopefully that helped just a little bit. Have a fun and safe Thanksgiving break everybody and don’t forget to buy some merch.