Rejoice: It's Time For The Annual Deep Fried Turkey Fire Posts

Recommended reading spot for this particular post: Probably the toilet. Settle in.

As we head further into the week local news stations are ramping up their coverage of the biggest issue facing Thanksgiving revelers… No, it’s not embarrassing yourself in front of the family by drunkenly yelling at your Uncle Tony’s annoying new stepson after too many Buds… It’s deep fried turkey fires!

I’ve never met anyone who actually encountered one of these but damn if it doesn’t make for compelling visuals. For those who likely do have to deal with this stuff (big shout out to first responders working this holiday), my hat’s off to ya because our level of stupidity knows no bounds & we’d be lost without you.

Without further ado, here’s some of the favorites I stumbled upon..

1) This deep fryer already has flames shooting out of it next to the house siding but that doesn’t stop them from truckin’ on with their jacked up looking turkey:

2) At 01:26 they decide to toss a small rug over the burning fryer to save the house & when that doesn’t work they choose to knock it away from the house with a broom, sending a flaming turkey skittering a couple feet across the lawn:

3) Friendsgiving gone wrong when the prime spot for fryin’ is under the wooden deck:

4) Two drunk dads on the verge of disaster spark a slight grease fire in the yard but figure it’s ok because the lawn looks bad already. This one’s not so fire-ballish but I like their ‘zero fucks given’ vibe:

5) Barefoot next to a wooden fence & clearly ignoring the immediate warning signs that this wasn’t gonna work out:

6) “It looks like we have a real overdone turkey. Real overdone. Flies aren’t even landing on it.”

Whichever way you’re cooking up your turkey this week I hope it turns out better than those above. (But if not please send me the photos & videos for #content purposes.)

Personally I’m over the whole turkey thing. It’s great as leftovers on sandwiches & in soups but I think it’s over-hyped & I’d like to see a move towards Steaksgiving. We had a caller on Hi Haters! last night who advocated for it & I can’t stop rolling it around in my head.

(Speaking of, our last show before the break is tonight from 6 – 7pm ET on SiriusXM Ch85… get through the holiday rush with us!)