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Many People Are Saying This New Minor League Logo Looks Like Guy Fieri, And They Aren't Wrong

You tell me, folks. Is the Rocky Mountain Vibes' logo a cartoon version of FlavorTown legend, Guy Fieri. It's hard to say it's not. The Vibes are a new affiliate of the Milwaukee Brewers, a team with a fire logo, and now they add the Vibes who literally have a fire logo. I'm not a big fan of the name, "Vibes". I hate the people who go on Instagram and send a post every morning about "good vibes" and all that, so the name isn't for me. I get it though, the people out there are different, they enjoy the good vibe tribes and all that, so good for them. But I am SO here for these logos. I introduced you to the Trash Pandas' a few weeks back, they had a really good and funny logo, now we have these. This is the MiLB offseason that keeps on giving.

The video they released for the name looks like an advertisement for some American beer, also wouldn't surprise me if Brett Favre showed up and threw a football through a tire swing. The best part of the video was clearly the logos and how awesome they look.

I mean this flaming smore is Guy Fieri. I've never been more sure of it. The hair, the glasses, the peace sign. I'm sure Guy has an above average lawyer and you can bet your sweet ass that he's gonna sue because that logo literally is him.

Almost can't tell which is the logo and which is actually a picture of Guy. I may lose my mind if their uniforms come with his trademark flame shirt. We can only hope.