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Wake Up With Gary Sheffield Teeing Off On A KnuckleBall And Hitting It To Jared Carrabis' Childhood Home
Talk about a piss missile, the exit velo on this ball had to be over 120 MPH. I mean it was smoked. When Tim Wakefield was on and that knuckle was dancing, he was a beast. But every now and then he threw one that didn't knuckle and dance like it should have, and most of the time people made him pay. Some guys even got a manager job because of one, but that's for another day.
When I think of Gary Sheffield against a non-knuckling knuckleball, I picture this scene from Rookie Of The Year.
I was surprised to see that Sheff only had 2 homers vs Wakefield, but this one should have counted for 50 runs because of how far it was hit. My favorite part about this video was the immediate reaction by Jon Miller and Joe Morgan. Wakefield also hangs his head the second Sheff makes contact because he knows that the ball may land in his front yard. I mean this thing was level high and got out in such a hurry. You know it's far when the fans in the back row of the monster turn around to see where its landing.
If I could watch ex athletes hit golf balls with a metal bat, I think Sheff is at the top of that list. Someone in Boston let me know when that ball comes down.