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What Are We Supposed To Do With "Sup"?

Every few days (for other women here it’s much more often) a lone “sup” slides into my DMs with the smoothness of large, sweaty thighs in short-shorts on a bone-dry metal sliding board.


Screen Shot 2018-11-20 at 11.19.50 AM

Here at Barstool we don’t sup-shame but I’ve gotta admit I have questions.

If there’s no context or follow up words, if your username is a pseudonym like ‘@BonerJamz420′ & the avatar is an obscure mascot cartoon, if I have no clue what your intentions are… what are you expecting? I assume any somewhat sane “sup” sender (say that 5 times fast) knows the message likely won’t even be opened let alone responded to, so what’s the point? Is there a small ping of excitement when they hit ‘send’? It it just for shits & giggles?

Screen Shot 2018-11-20 at 10.59.10 AM

Trying to jump in their shoes I imagine myself at a networking event. I see someone interesting to me within my peer group so I walk over, acknowledge them, & say, “Hi”. And that’s it – nothing else. Now I’m just hanging there in their space without any other introduction. Just silence floating in the air. Wouldn’t that thoroughly weird the other person out?

Screen Shot 2018-11-20 at 11.19.38 AM

As usual I went around the office digging for personal experience & asked some of the ladies whether they also get them & if they’d ever answer back:

Kayce: I get an inbox full of “sups” every day. I think they don’t have anything more creative to say? Either way, I’m never going to answer.

Sophia: Yes, I get “sups”. I think they can’t think up anything else to say? I’ve never answered one.

Jourdyn: Nahhh fam, I don’t respond.

And then this former Rough & Rowdy contender made a solid point. Perhaps there could be exceptions to ignoring these…

To keep it even I also asked some of the guys if they’ve ever ‘supped’ someone:

Fiets: I don’t DM women at all because I’m scared of them.

Smitty: On Bumble I used to send a seal gif that said, “sup”… And honestly, it worked. Also let me clarify that was a long, long time ago.

Francis: (Wasn’t here today but I was told he’d go borderline “sup” with models & then boldly ask them to a boxing class or something?)

Trent: No. No, no. No.

Nate: I would never do that but I think guys do it ironically. It’s the joke way. If you actually wanted to talk to a girl you wouldn’t just send that. They don’t have a game plan.

Riggs: Ironically I would if we were joking around. It’s kind of a Barstool thing, but you have to send out more than that if you want a response out of it.

Who knows… Perhaps everyone’s just horny & wingin’ it. (Like the good Lord intended.)

Screen Shot 2018-11-20 at 11.51.19 AM