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Carey Price Absolutely Robbed Ovi Of A Hat Trick And Ovi's Reaction Was Perfect

All you can do is tip your cap to that one. Carey Price with the sprawling save at the buzzer to deny Ovi the GWG and the hat trick all in one fell swoop. Ovi just being the great dude he is had to give it to Price, when you see an awesome save, give the guy his due. Nothing wrong about that.

Tonight’s game was one of the more exciting regular season games in a long time. It was physical, it was fast paced, it was high scoring, yet had spectacular goaltending as well. Carey Price and Ovi were playing their own game within the game and just challenged each other all night long. Ovechkin got 2 by him, and Price made some fantastic saves against him as well, such as the one above. It was a ton of fun to watch.

Also the Tom Wilson revenge tour rolled on as he had this beautiful assist on Ovi’s first goal.

A two goal night for Ovechkin and an OT winner from Lars Eller, as the good guys take the win in Canada. Now it’s time to bring it home and see Willy’s first home game since winning the Stanley Cup. Can’t wait.