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End Your Workday With The Best Offensive Performances So Far This Season

Washington Wizards v Golden State Warriors

Alright, you’ve put in the work and made it so essentially the end of the day during this short week. We all know the struggle if can be to get to Thanksgiving break, and while people call today “Thursday” it’s still a Monday and Monday’s suck. That’s why today I wanted to give you a handful of videos to help get you over the finish line and one step closer to the best week of the year. As we know, this season in the NBA there hasn’t been a ton of defense. Every night it seems like there’s a guy who goes nuts. Spend five seconds looking around and you’ll see that the first month of the season has given us six 50 point outings already, and who doesn’t love that. The fact that you never know when or where they could come from is what makes each night exciting, so I went and pulled the highlights of the best performances we’ve had so far so we can all enjoy them together

What is awesome about this collection is you have the outrageous shooting from the Splash Brothers, the new age PF dominance of Blake, Vintage DRose, Kemba Magic, and overall LeBron ridiculousness. Not bad for the first month of the season if you ask me. So hopefully this did the trick and got you ready for not just another great night of hoops tonight, but I hear there’s a big football game on as well. Now you’re one step closer to that freedom, and we just have one more day to get through together tomorrow. See ya then.