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I Don't Understand Friendsgiving.

All my friends back home are posting about their Friendsgiving celebrations.  If you’re on social media, which I assume you are, you will definitely be seeing these posts too. Who started this? Why does it make me feel lonely? I turned to Twitter for solace and of course that was not a great idea.


First off, I am very impressed these lovely ladies spelled my name correctly. Auto correct tries its very best to screw it up but this time the humans won. Let’s continue.


Ok a little rude but I get it. After my timeline got a bit feisty I did some more digging.

*Cue Law & Order theme music*

In 2011, Bailey’s Irish Cream filed to trademark the name Friendsgiving. Boss move. They then launched a campaign featuring social media influencers hosting Friendsgiving celebrations during the holiday season.

Screen Shot 2018-11-20 at 2.27.34 PM

Kudos to Bailey’s for getting on the influencer train well before I was smart enough to recognize someone as an “influencer” and not just a “really cool person who has cool things.” Since the campaign, this fake holiday has found a way to intertwine itself into our lives. Whether we are hosting a Friendsgiving, attending a Friendsgiving, or wondering why we weren’t invited to a Friendsgiving, let’s all just agree on the fact that this day is as fake (or as legally real) as we want it to be.

Here are a few Friendsgiving posts to kick off your festivities. Happy Thanksgiving! #Thankful