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Barstool Philly Mario Kart 64 Tourney And Dive Bar Review

[kaltura-video id=722]

Video explains it all when it comes to Kart. We came, we saw, we conquered. Nothing more needs to be said.

As far as the review for Sto’s, like Kellian’s, it might not have been divey enough. The place was clean, the scene was poppin, and there were multiple great beers on tap with even better specials. The shuffle board and free video games only added to the experience. Not exactly what you expect from a true hole in the wall spot. Only aspect I can really bust on, other than I couldn’t go DJ Smitty with some Thunder Road, was the food. A solid “meh” on the chicken sandwich I had, but definitely edible if you’re going by bar food standards. The wings however were an A. Also seems like a great place to watch a game. The place almost had too many TV’s, if that’s even possible.

Smitty’s Dive Bar Review for Sto’s Bar – 7/10.

PS – Decent look for the kid:

Thanks to Sto’s Bar, Troegs and our ever so jolly Philly Video Guy @BarstoolFranco.