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There's A Lot Of Creepy Crap Living In A Single Drop Of Sea Water


DM – This stomach-churning photograph shows the types of microscopic creatures that are crawling around in just a drop of seawater, which has been magnified 25 times to reveal what’s living in it. From bacteria and worms, to fish eggs, crab larvae and diatoms, the image shows the plankton holidaymakers could be swallowing each time a splash of water ends up on their tongue. The photo proves the taste of seawater isn’t just salt – it’s the multitude of critters.

Eww. And to think you were only worried about ingesting some salt, pollution and the piss from whoever is up-current from you. What’s even worse is this is probably from a relatively clean ocean that’s clear as day. I cringe thinking what’s swimming in the Jersey Shore waters that’s not microscopic. Nothing scarier than venturing into waters and not being able to see your feet after 6 inches. But this is a whole other invisible ballgame to deal with. Put a droplet from Wildwood under a microscope and you’ll see armies of crab larvae going to war with Hep-C. Whoever arms themselves with the most discarded needles will be victorious and claim that 40-mile long stretch of sand you have to walk to actually get to the water.

At least in Seaside Heights you don’t have to go into the water to be infected by parasites. There are countless vaginas vaginae crevasses of skank inhabiting that town during Summer months that could serve as the perfect setting for next season’s Deadliest Catch.