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Ready To Feel Old: The Malice At The Palace Was 14 Years Ago Today


It’s a bit crazy that this was 14 years ago today. But, nothing too much here. Just remembering one of the most wild scenes in sports. I mean it really had everything in terms of craziness. You had big names. You had fans involved. You had massive suspensions. You had a rivalry between the Pistons and Pacers.

I still want to know just how crazy the fan who threw the drink at Artest was/is. Or at least how drunk that person was. Do you know what it would take for me to throw a drink at Artest? Hint: I wouldn’t. He’s one of the last people I’d ever want to mix it up with.

Look at these suspensions and fines:

14 years ago is just wild. Just a little reminder not to throw shit at players. Also, a reminder for the fan that looks like Turtle to say an extra prayer today for Artest not connecting on that punch.