Even The Warriors Admit They Were Playing In A Dream League Because Of How Good They Were The Last Few Years

Memphis Grizzlies v Golden State Warriors

[NBA] – “We’ve had such a charmed existence the last four seasons. So, of course, this is the toughest stretch we’ve been in,” Kerr said after Sunday’s loss to San Antonio. ”This is the real NBA. We haven’t been in the real NBA the last few years. We’ve been in this dream. So, now we’re faced with real adversity. We’ve got to get out of it ourselves.”

Oh, what do we have here? The Warriors finally admitting that they were living a dream the last few years because of how good they were. You don’t say. I wonder why they would say that. Would it be the 73 win season? Would it be getting the Cavs in the Finals with Kyrie and Love both hurt? Would it be getting Kevin Durant after losing to the Cavs in the Finals? I just can’t picture why they’d say this. Perhaps it was because they drafted just absolutely unreal getting Klay, Steph and Draymond all in the draft.

Credit to Steve Kerr though. He’s really been the one living in dream land. I mean think about his career. He got to play with Jordan. Then he got to go to the Spurs and play with Duncan. Now he gets to coach these guys. Pretty nice basketball career if you ask me.

It will be interesting to see how the Warriors come back from this though. There’s no doubt there’s some awkwardness in the locker room. It’s the first time that we’re going to see the Warriors add a star during the season whenever DeMarcus Cousins comes back healthy. It’s the first time we’ve publicly seen the Warriors get into something like this before.