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This Has Gotta Be One Of The Cockiest Knockout Reactions Of All Time

WOW. Talk about cocky!

Homeboy hit his opponent so hard he literally snapped back and had the expression of a kid who just broke a chandelier and was waiting for his mom to yell, “TYLER?! WHAT WAS THAT?!”

As if that wasn’t enough, he then slinked back, fixed up the hair, and did it to ‘em:

…even when he was specifically asked not to!

Alright, maybe nobody asked him not to, I just wanted to do the ol’ Office thing. I assume his opponent didn’t appreciate it so that’s all that matters. Still though, the look back after the killshot was waaaay cockier and more confident than the split for me. It’s almost like, hear me out – you know how when a person is drunk, how they act is sorta their true selves? I think in the heat of the moment, in the seconds after a knockout, we see the same. And this dude’s true self is CONFIDENT.

Hopefully one day I’ll have a sixty-fourth the confidence that this kid has. That’s all I want.