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Congrats To Oklahoma State For Winning The 2018 Meat Judging Championship

Screen Shot 2018-11-19 at 11.39.04 AM

Sometimes the internet surprises me. On Friday, I stumbled across an article about Oklahoma State’s meat judging team. It couldn’t be true, right?! A meat judging team? I thought it was one of those Onion articles, so I just forgot about it. Then, during the Oklahoma State-West Virginia game, the graphic above popped up. It was true. Not only does Oklahoma State have a meat judging team, but they are national champions:

SOURCE-The 2018 Oklahoma State University Meat Judging Team were named National Champions at the International Meat Judging Competition. This marks the 19thNational Championship for OSU, which is the most of any university. This also marks the 3rd National Championship in the last 5 years for the Cowboys. The team also won the beef grading, total beef, and specification (with a perfect score) divisions.

3rd national championship in the last 5 years! A meat judging DYNASTY!


Surprisingly an attractive group. I’ll let you use your dirty mind to make a meat group.