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I Kind Of Like Malcolm Jenkins Flipping Off Sean Payton After Getting Torched On A 4th And Long Play To Go Down 45-7...NOT!

Actually, I’m back to kind of liking it. Why? Because I’m forcing myself to kind of like it, that’s why. Not because I actually enjoy the thought of Malcolm Jenkins telling his old Super Bowl winning coach to fuck himself after Payton singled him out and castrated the safety in the middle of what was already an emasculation. It’s because there’s nothing else I can do. What, you want me to sit here, bitch, complain, and expect more out of the leader of this defense that could be the most embarrassing defense in recent NFL history? You want me to expect him to actually STOP the 4th and 7 TD play that officially cut the nuts off of Jenkins, this D, and the season? Psh. That’s asking WAYYYY too much at this moment. I’m just happy everyone survived that massacre. And that’s what yesterday was. A massacre.

That sucks, and this blows:

Screen Shot 2018-11-19 at 8.49.44 AM

NOT GOOD. Plus in that article you can read here, Sean Payton singled out “22” (Sidney Jones) to bully into submission from the jump. It worked. First play of the game they ran Mark Ingram right at Jones, many y mano, and Sidney gave the RB the one-armed “Oley Bullshit” and Ingram trucked for a 30+ yard gain.

I’m also done with the post game “We need to be better, now gonna find what we’re all about.” Stop it. Don’t talk about it, be about it. FIGURE IT OUT.