People Boycotting The NFL Had A Major Impact On Last Night's Viewing Numbers, Just Kidding, CBS Had It's Highest Thursday Night Ratings Since 2006





Now of course CBS will have higher numbers with football than it will with the Big Bang Theory but that’s not the point of this. The point of these ratings is to prove why everyone wants a piece of the NFL. CBS knows if they pay a billion dollars for Thursday Night Football they’ll get a Billion times 2 back. All the network television stations, all the advertisers, everyone gets this. Why? Because the NFL prints money. And that’s sort of been my whole take on these last 2 weeks. What Roger Goodell has done has been the least shocking thing in the world. His job is to take the bullet for the league, to “protect the shield”, to spit out canned PR answers and never give too many details. Anyone who expects more out of him is so lost on what the NFL really is. It’s sports entertainment. He’s not a judge, he’s not the moral beacon of the world. He’s not the Supreme Court or the UN. He’s a guy who was hired by a bunch of very rich people to look out for their interests and return to them maximum dollar while also being “the bad cop” that everyone can point to when failures occur.



Of course Roger Goodell is lying to us about the tape and the investigation. Do you also think Apple is telling the truth when they say their factories are safe? Or when Nike says they don’t have 7 year olds making our shoes? Or when the same Roger Goodell says he cares about concussions? Wake up, this is what big business does. You keep buying iPhones because Apple spits out fake facts, even though some kid in China probably just died putting your iPhone 6 together. WHERE’S THE OUTRAGE ON THAT GUYS?!?! They tell you things that you want to hear and you’re supposed to gobble it up to placate your own conscience.


-” Oh My God! How will I ever sleep at night with NFL players dying from brain trauma and CTE?”

-We just implemented new Concussion tests and a doctor said they work!

-“Oh , ok, carry on then”



See how that works? And at the end of the day you’re going to watch the NFL, I’m going to watch the NFL and the whole world will still watch the NFL. Stomping your feet and holding your breath won’t do shit. The league changed the domestic violence penalties, that was a good that came out of this no matter how weird of a way it was. If you want to be mad, be mad at our legal system for not putting Ray Rice in jail. Shouldn’t people be more upset about that? You know the people that actually enforce laws and serve justice? Nah, because cops and judges don’t control FOOTBALL!  And as for our precious NFL, everything else will remain status quo and anyone who doesn’t realize it probably also thinks Santa Claus is real and that Companies care more about people than their bottom line. Grow up guys.