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I'm Terrified For The Cavs And Really The City Of Cleveland After Watching LeBron Drop 51 in Miami Tonight

So this week is essentially homecoming week for LeBron. It makes sense. It’s Thanksgiving week. You’re traveling back home to hang out with your boys (or girls) and have a good time. LeBron starting the week at Miami, which is essentially his college. And by God did he remind everyone what he’s capable of. He was unreal tonight dropping 51 and hitting six threes. That’s what always cracks me up about LeBron. He has these games every once in a while where you just sit there and laugh about him being the best player in the game right now. Sure, everyone might be talking about the Warriors drama or Jimmy Butler or Kemba Walker and then LeBron plays and just reminds the league what he’s capable of.

So now he heads to Cleveland on Wednesday and I’m a bit terrified for the Cavs and the city of Cleveland. If this is the precedent he’s going to set during homecoming week, what is he going to do Wednesday? Personally, I hope he drops 75. Just go all the way insane and dominate headlines on Thanksgiving Eve. It’s only fitting.