Mike Francesa Reacting To Rumors Of Condoleezza Rice Coaching The Browns Was Just As Glorious As You Would Expect

Tate had this video in his blog earlier, but I wanted to make sure nobody in Mongo Nation missed it. I don’t know and honestly don’t care how the hell those Condoleezza Rice to the Browns rumors started. Whatever chain of events that happened that caused Mike to get that report in his hand were completely worth it. If a caller had dropped that news on Mike’s head, he would have handwaved the caller to hell like someone asking about Al Alburquerque or Dino Babers. And to be honest I wouldn’t have blamed Mike one bit because that report was so unexpected, all of the listeners would have figured Mike was dealing with his troll of the hour. Nope, that story were real and Mike reacted exactly like you would expect Numbah One to react to them. Dead seriously breaking down Condi Rice’s game planning ability compared to Bill Belichick and Gregg Williams. The only downside to that video is that it wasn’t a report about the Jets or Mets hiring Rice because we may have seen Mr. Francesa erupt. But it was great to see Mike answering the tough questions again.

P.S. I honestly wouldn’t hate Nick Saban as Secretary of State. If you can dominate the SEC in football like Saban has with Alabama’s war chest, he can definitely put Russia, China, and North Korea in the back pocket of the U.S. of A.