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ESPN Is Fake News, Browns Have NOT Discussed Condoleezza Rice To Be Their Next Head Coach

Well, that was fun while it lasted. It appears that while the Browns continue to be the laughing stock of professional sports, they haven’t quite fallen off the deep end yet. Browns GM John Dorsey has came forward and made it official: Condoleezza Rice will NOT be the next head coach of the Cleveland Browns. Thank God. So to Mr. Adam Schefter and the World Wide Leader in Sports:

You can’t break that crazy of news without being 100% correct. I’ve been a journalist for 3 months now and even I know that. It was a fun couple hours on the internet though…

The Coaching Search continues without her though! I personally think we should stick to those with previous head coaching experience. Maybe start with Lincoln Riley, check on Matt Campbell, and even potentially John Harbaugh? Condoleezza can keep being a Browns fan. Probably best not to name her the Head Coach.