Bretagne The Last Known 9/11 Rescue Dog Is Still Wagging Her Tail And Loving Life 13 Years Later





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Bretagne returning to Ground Zero for the first time today.





(Source) Denise Corliss joins TODAY along with her dog Bretagne, believed to be the only 9-11 Ground Zero service dog still alive, to talk about the search efforts after the tragic event and the memories that linger 13 years later.



I never know how to deal with day’s like today. Not because it’s not important and I don’t know how to act, more so because I’m a smut peddler and getting super serious isn’t what we do here. But this story is great. Bretagne the dog still wagging her tail 13 years after that awful day. Came back to New York this morning and visited ground zero. Teaching kids how to read and being everyone’s best friend. Now someone pass me the tissues.