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Despite A Plethora Of Injuries I Expect The Redskins To Beat The Texans On Sunday

I know the weekend is here when the Redskins announce their injury report andddddd every single important player is injured. Ok that’s a bit of an exaggeration, but at the same time, when we’ve lost 3 out of starting 5 on the Oline to the IR, starting WR, rookie RB, and a plethora of others, it makes the injury report actually look cleaner than it should be.

But again this week, the Skins will be without Jamison Crowder and Chris Thompson. I have a positive spin zone though- we’ve been winning without two of the more dynamic playmakers on offense. The Skins have adjusted and found ways to win despite not having Thompson’s game breaking playmaking ability. And without Crowder, who I expected to go over 1,000 yards this year.

Trent Williams is still out with his thumb injury, but might possibly play depending on the whole cast situation. I guess a doctor has to clear him to play with a broken thumb, so if he doesn’t get cleared for Sunday, I think Thanksgiving looks likely.

What we haven’t talked about a lot is Quinton Dunbar missing games. While the Skins defense hasn’t been giving up a ton of points, the pass defense has been giving up a ton of yards. 7th round rookie Greg Stroman has been admirable in fill-in play, but has also given up a few big plays as well. We definitely could benefit from Dunbar, especially against a team like the Texans.

Good news though- Deshaun Watson sucks at getting rid of the football and the Dline will be hungry. I’m looking at Kerrigan and Ioannidis to get after him early and often. Pressure Watson all day from every angle and make him throw picks. We know this offense kinda just is what is at this point, and we are still relying on big plays from the defense to win. I wouldn’t expect that to change much on Sunday.

And I must say, as always, we need more from Josh Doctson. Still need more. Always need more. He’s had back to back games with a TD, but he had two bad drops last week. And I’m not about to blow my load over 4 catches for 46 yards. We just need more. I’m DoctsonSquad, and I think this is the week. That’s right. 100 yards this week.

So regardless of all of that- the injuries and the offense woes, I still like the Skins to win this week. I think the Texans are a flawed team whose 6 game winning streak is a result of a Charmin-soft schedule (beat the Colts by 3, beat the Cowboys by 3, beat the Bills by 7, beat the Dolphins handily, beat the Broncos by 2). So in 5 of the 6 games, the margin of victory combined is 15. Not very impressive. So I love the Skins to move to 7-3 and stay high above the rest in the NFC East. HTTR.