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Friends With Benefits Does Not Work

Friends with benefits is a terrible idea. It never ends well! You want no strings attached? Too bad, there’s a string: your friendship. If you really want no strings attached you need to hook up with someone you could not care less about. It needs to be someone where if things ended horribly, it would not affect your life in any way. I had one such relationship, and it was easily the healthiest thing I’ve ever been a part of. Well, actually, it ended up going super terribly way after the fact. However, I still consider the actual hooking up segment a success because when it was done my life changed 0%. We didn’t even have to have a conversation, I just stopped hitting him up. Easy peasy. Basically, what i’m saying is this: it’s not a bad idea to have a no strings attached relationship, but you need to be honest with yourself about the person you’re doing it with. Otherwise, you WILL end up catching feels, and who the fuck has time for that?