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People Are Protesting This Owl Statue Because They Say It Looks Like A Giant Dick

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Source - Thousands of keen bird-watchers flock to Serbia’s northern town of Kikinda every winter to see one of the world’s largest roosting populations of long-eared owls. But the small town on Serbia’s border with Romania is now trending on social media for a different reason: a protest over a statue aiming to brand it as the city of owls which many say resembles a phallus rather than an owl.

The protestors say the terra-cotta statue’s elongated shape and minimalist features were obscene and demanded its removal. “Freud could say something about this statue, it looks so much like a phallus,” one protester said in a Facebook post.

“Now everyone will ridicule Kikinda,” read another post on Facebook. “This (statue) represents something very masculine, but not an owl,” another said on Twitter.

I don’t know much about Serbia, but I have to assume it’s a sexually repressed country, right? I mean it’s definitely shaped like a penis, but the top is clearly an owl. Maybe it’s the vein running down the side that upset them, or the fact that the ears slightly resemble a droopy foreskin. I don’t know. It just seems like a stretch to be protesting something simply because it’s shaped like a phallus. What are we going to do next, start protesting telephone poles? They’re just a horny people so everywhere they look they see genitalia. That’s what happens when you get backed up. It’s an all-time spin job by the local newspaper to saying it’s become “the symbol of the city.”

Zeljko Bodrozic, editor-in-chief of a local newspaper, said the owl monument should remain in place. “With all the hype swirling around it…in a way it also becomes a symbol of our city.”

Keen birdwatcher Dragan Simic said he did not care about the statue. “Kikinda is now famous for its owls…across Europe, even around the world…the bird-watchers are very active, numerous and loyal tourists,” he said.

I’m not going to shit on it too much, but here are some other popular “symbols of cities.”

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The Golden Gate Bridge during sunset in San Francisco, California.

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Buckingham Palace at night, London

Just sayin’. You may want to step your game up before you start claiming you have a “symbol of the city.”