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Mike Wilbon Was VERY Mad That Jacob deGrom Won The Cy Young Award Almost Unanimously

I think/hope the fallout from Jacob deGrom winning the Cy Young after turning in one of the most impressive seasons any of us will ever see is over. But you knew Michael Wilbon was going to yell at this cloud before it dissipated since Wilbon didn’t see a W next to deGrom’s name while reading the morning newspaper very much this season. To be honest, I’m actually kinda surprised Wilbon didn’t find a way to wedge a story about how he was talking about this with Magic Johnson, who you may know is part of the Dodgers ownership group and a close personal friend of Mike’s, about how wins are actually much more important to ERA since baseball is a sport where pitchers don’t rely on their teammates to hit, field, close out games, or do ANYTHING to avoid a no decision. Those damn baseball nerds have hijacked the game because they don’t hold a guy accountable for doing pretty much everything in his power to win a game only to see his teammates let him down in historic, sometimes comedic fashion. That W and L stat is much easier to digest than these incredibly hard to understand stats that those analytics losers are trying to push on us!

And this was my favorite one of all

Thank God we have people like Mike Wilbon and John Maffei willing to protect the soul of baseball from those pencil neck geeks that dare look further at which starting pitcher was the best at leaving the game after 5+ IP with a lead that was never relinquished by the other 24 guys on his team.