Credit To Puerto Rico For Having The Balls To Recruit Mr. USA (Basketball)

I never thought I’d have to be mad at Puerto Rico since 2004 but here we are. Listen, there are few things in this world I love more than Team USA Carmelo Anthony. He’s one of the most prolific players in Olympic history and he’s ours. And I get it. This is JJ Barea trying to get Carmelo over to Puerto Rico to help with funding and rebuild after the devastation of Hurricane Maria, which absolutely destroyed the country.

But, Carmelo is ours. For better or worse I’m married to Team USA Carmelo. You can’t have him. That said, I appreciate the balls on Puerto Rico here. Oh, Carmelo just left the Rockets? Unsure where he’ll sign next, let’s try to convince him to come play over here.

In order for Carmelo to play for Puerto Rico, he’d have to be granted a waiver from Team USA since he’s already played international competition. Personally, I’d just keep playing him as the 12th man until he’s like 60. Look at all the other 12th men throughout Olympic history. Christian Laettner, Anthony Davis, Michael Redd, Harrison Barnes. Hell, we sent a Plumlee to the World Cup at some point.

Stay Me7o.