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With Today's Snowstorm Slamming The Northeast, Lets Go Live To Barstool's Weather Man In The Streets, Frank The Tank

Who would have thought that after last year’s viral video of Frank Fleming cursing the New Jersey Transit to hell and back for making him late for Mets Opening Day, Dave Portnoy would luck into the greatest weather man the world has ever seen. The mainstream media can throw as many reporters in the streets as they want or have some fancy meteorologist with the nicest hair and smile you have ever seen tell you about high pressure systems and how thunder snow forms with their sleeves rolled up to their nipples. But 1,000 Sam Champions would not be able to match the passion and electricity of 1 Frank The Tank giving us live weather AND traffic updates from the streets while also finding a way to curse out New Jersey Transit.

As someone that just white knuckled it and drove my kids back from daycare, I can confirm that it is indeed extremely shitty outside. So everyone take your time and drive safely. Especially you Frank, because I’m pretty sure you just became Barstool’s Ollie Williams with that video.