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A Caps Fan Traveled To Antartica To Show The Penguins The Caps Won The Cup

NBC Sports - Trolling the Pittsburgh Penguins in any way, shape or form is fun.

Sampson Coe, a Centreville Md. native and avid Caps fans, traveled all the way to the Antarctica Peninsula to remind actual penguins who the Stanley Cup champions are.

Coe posted a photo of himself on Facebook rocking a red Stanley Cup champions t-shirt with the caption, “Travelled all the way to Antarctica just to remind the penguins in person that we got the cup!”

Coe and his wife are in the middle of a one-year sabbatical that’s taking them around the world.


I love myself a good sports troll. It doesn’t matter if the Pens have more Cups, if Crosby has more points, any of that. The only thing that matters is the Caps are the defending Stanley Cup champions and when you are the defending champs, you get a full year to troll, stunt, celebrate, and rub it in anyone’s face you want. That’s why I don’t blame the Eagles fans for continuing to stunt and celebrate. Until someone else lifts that Lombardi, they are the champs. And until another team touches the Cup, we are the champions, my friends. And if a man wants to go down to Antartica and tell penguins to suck it, well then they gotta suck it. Not literally obviously, you sickos.

So great job by this dude. Antartica gets like, 10 visitors a year, and one of them was wearing a Caps Stanley Cup shirt. It’s hard to beat that. And hopefully someone else can do it again next year.

Back To Back.