Reader Email And Word Doc: Philly Dude Kept A Log Of All Scumbag Fan Events From Other Cities For Years


Reader Email: Philly vs. All

I’m not an irate Philly fan; just a slightly confused Philly fan.

I watched the Katie Nolan rundown today and I, like almost any other man, enjoyed Katie’s witty repartee. El Pres and Big Cat were useful, too.

That said, it irked me that another shot or eight were went in the direction of Philadelphia. Now, I don’t claim that we’re saints, but we’re certainly not the only sinners, and I can prove that assertion.

I used to get extremely fired up about claims of the apparently uniquely horrific actions of Philly fans. Then, from 2008 to 2011, I maintained a log of other fans’ behavior (see attached word doc). The behavior of fans in other cities is pretty much exactly the same. I stopped recording these in 2011 because my point had been proven and overkill is not in my nature (note: I didn’t record every action of other fans, just those that happened to happen while I was in a mood to prove my point).

Some of the links in the attached doc may no longer be active. However, I reviewed all of them and provided updates. All either have conclusive proof, or links to articles that can stand the test of time. It’s proof that we’re all animals cut from the same sad cloth.


Gotta love the cut of Pete’s jib. Further proof confirming yesterday’s rant that Philly’s “Scumbag” reputation isn’t solely limited to Philly. Most of us would be fine with sticking to memory or attempting to be the loudest in an argument, thus confirming you’re more right. But not Petey. The guy has more citations* in this word document than a Harvard Business school thesis. Philadelphia and the world thanks ye for the effort.

*Don’t think I ever made an actual, legitimate reference to credible work in my entire academic career. From high school to the joke liberal arts college that gave me a useless piece of paper at graduation, nobody checked the citations at the bottom of papers. Dr. Hugh Jass should have won multiple Noble Prizes with all I’ve given him credit for.


All the violations after the jump (copy and paste at will):


Canadiens fan beaten nearly to death after the Bruins’ game 7 loss to the Habs (4/18/08):

UPDATE (5/2/2014): The Boston Herald decided to not make that story anymore. Here’s another article that captures this instance of the brutality of Boston:–nhl.html

Also after this game 7, Canadiens fans decide to riot in Montreal:

UPDATE (5/2/2014): Surprise, surprise, the original article no longer exists! Here’s the YouTube summary of the riots:

Video of Jeff Carter being hit with a beer bottle thrown by a Caps fan after the Flyers beat the Caps in game 7 (4/23/08):

UPDATE (5/2/2014): The video doesn’t work in that link, but The700Level is owned by Comcast. It happened.

Game 1 of Flyers v. Montreal – Mike Richards gets a beer dumped on him while in the penalty box (4/24/08):

UPDATE (5/2/2014): Oh jeez, a shocker. The video has been wiped. Here’s another blog article that quotes a CSN Philly reporter’s official words:

Twins fans delay the Twins-White Sox game by throwing crap on the field, causing White Sox players to take refuge in the dugout. It barely warrants a mention on Sportscenter (7/31/2008):

3 Cubs fans beat a White Sox fan so badly that he loses an eye…and it all happened at a child’s birthday party (July/Aug 2008):

Hey, guess what? Philly fans aren’t the only ones that throw snowballs. BUT, Notre Dame fans are the only ones that throw them at their own players (11/23/08 v. Syracuse, a terrible team). Of course, though, most of the national media has remained deathly quiet about these incidents:

UPDATE (5/2/2014): Hmmm. I know that the media likes to cover for Notre Dame, but luckily, Highbeam Business Insider, unlike the Washington Post, didn’t wipe this from their archives (read the last line): OH WAIT! The WP couldn’t completely wipe it!:

After the Eagles beat the Giants in the Divisional round, Giants fans decide to destroy random cars in the Meadowlands parking lot (1/11/09): SUV and a Porsche Oh, and here’s some bonus footage of Giants fans destroying cars at their Super Bowl parade (including a police van): Man, they really are the classiest!

UPDATE (5/2/2014): A fucking shocker. The videos are no longer available (though The700Level still has the articles, so that’s Comtastic), and Newsday now pretends that it never happened. Oh wait! Here’s Youtube with vehicle destruction from that parade:

After the Cardinals beat the Eagles in the NFC Championship game, Cardinals “fans” decided to pour gasoline onto McNabb’s front lawn, while McNabb’s wife and young children were home (1/18/09). Of course, the story is buried:;_ylt=Aq8C8cXMOhmjySU45pWBAR05nYcB?slug=ms-morningrush011909&prov=yhoo&type=lgns

UPDATE (5/2/2014): Seriously, it’s buried like 4000 words into the article. Happens in Philly, it’s the headline.

Red Sox fan:

Chicago fan sends a death threat to the Celtics’ Tony Allen. Ever heard of a Philly fan doing that?:

A St. Louis Cardinals fan assaults a wheelchair-bound usher (8/6/2009):

UPDATE (5/2/2014): Shocker! The “stltoday” no longer houses this article. Here’s another link:

A Cubs fan douses Shane Victorino in beer as Shane is attempting to make a catch. He catches the ball, but doesn’t get the ball in so the runner on 2nd takes 3rd (8/12/2009):

Lakers fans throw foam fingers onto the court on Christmas Day (12/25/2009):; and video:

Yankees and Marlins fans fight; with video (06/22/2009):

Another fight at a Marlins game; with video (04/12/2010):

Giants fans mock Saints fans for hurricane Katrina. This was during the Saints’ “home-game” at the Meadowlands (09/2005):

NY Giants fans throw iceballs. They even knockout the Chargers equipment manager, Sid Brooks (12/28/1995):

After a woman yelled at her husband for staying up late to watch the end of an OT Penguins playoff game, he killed her and then burned down the house to try and hide the murder (04/23/2010):


The Flyers beat the Bruins in game 5 of their playoff series. Boston fans threw condoms, amongst other things, at a Flyers fan in attendance. It will not be reported nationally (5/10/2010): ; originally reported by

After the Montreal Canadiens complete a series victory over the Penguins, after being down 3 games to one, fans decide to riot; looting and tear gas ensued (5/12/2010):–hockey-joy-turns-to-violence-in-wake-of-canadiens-victory?bn=1

Chicago White Sox fans brawl at a game; video (5/20/2010):

Two (white) Montreal Canadiens fans dress up in black face and afro-wigs in “honor” of their own player, P.K. Subban, who happens to be black. If Philly did this we would be destroyed. However, nary a mention by anyone but random blogs (3/12/2010):

Yankees fans fight each other at a game; video (around 5/26/2010):

Lakers fans riot in L.A. after they win the championship. Of course, the media only acknowledges these things if they happen in Philly (6/17/2010):,0,3239781.story

Nyger Morgan of the Nationals, throws a ball into the stands and hits a Phils fan in the head. MLB thinks it was intentional, and has suspended Morgan for 7 games. I’m highlighting this not b/c of Morgan, but b/c of the fan’s reaction. He was calm and cool, and holds no grudge against Morgan (8/21/2010):

Patriots fan sues Jets b/c they were harassed/attacked at a game in the Meadowlands. It’s a lawsuit, so nothing proved, but there was probably something (9/6/2010):

Eagles fans are the only fans that cheer when someone gets hurt, right? Wrong. Giants fans cheered when DeSean Jackson got leveled in the Eagles v. Falcons game (replay shown at the Giant game) 10/17/2010:!/MikeGarafolo/status/27659734827

Cliff Lee’s wife, while sitting in the visiting family box at Yankee stadium, was harassed. However, b/c it’s the Yankees everyone buries it as a non-story. Here’s an excerpt (which was literally at the end of the article):
“Perhaps the Rangers‘ greatest sales pitch simply was having Kristen sit in the visiting family section at Yankee Stadium during the playoffs. She says there were ugly taunts. Obscenities. Cups of beer thrown. Even fans spitting from the section above.”

Giants and Cowboys fans fight during a game (11/14/2010):

Dodgers fans follow Giants fan after the game and deliver a savage beating, sending one to the hospital. Gets a mention nationally, but imagine if it were Philly? (3/31/2011):

In San Fran, after a Raider-Niners pre-season game, two fans are shot in the parking lot (8/2/2011):