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Auston Matthews, Mitch Marner And Patrick Marleau Are The Three Best Friends That Anyone Could Have

So this video of Mitch Marner and Auston Matthews singing ‘YMCA’ with Patrick Marleau’s kids was posted to Maner’s Instagram story yesterday and I must say, I am so jealous of this friendship it is insane.

Every guest we have had on Spittin’ Chiclets that plays in Toronto or that knows Marner and Matthews has mentioned the fact that they are best friends both on and off the ice. They also mention that there is a third member of the best friends, that being Patrick Marleau. Yup that’s right. The oldest guy on the team is best friends with two of the youngest.

Is it weird that a 39-year-old happens to be best friends with 21-year-olds? Not at all. That’s hockey. The second you step in the locker room your age and where you are from is thrown out the door. For example, in Boston you always see Krejci and Pastrnak hanging out. They are 11 years apart. Whit lived with Jordan Eber

Obviously the 18-year gap between Marleau, Matthews and Marner is alittle bit bigger. But who cares? The Leafs are a wagon are currently have the 3rd most points in the entire NHL with 24. So if that means we need Marleau watching over the two young studs then so be it.

What a guy to have watch over your two most prized possessions. Toronto has a crazy opportunity with all the young talent they have and if they can be properly shown the right way to be a pro and to win, then this thing in Toronto could be special for a long, long time. Marleau has the 3rd most points among active NHLers behind only Joe Thornton and Alexander Ovechkin and is well on his way to the Hall of Fame. Toronto got a lot of shit when they signed this guy in July of 2017 to a 3-year $18.75m deal but it is clearly paying dividends. Your two star players and the futures of your franchise are learning how to be a pro from a true pro and future Hall of Famer….Great call by Toronto.

I’d love to know the line here. Is Marleau coming out and getting tanked with the young guns on the road? Are Matthews and Marner baby sitting for Marleau when him and his old lady need date night? So many questions….I guess we are just going to need to have the three of them on the podcast.