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Here's The Only Goal You Need To See From The NHL Last Night Featuring Mikko Rantanen And Nathan MacKinnon

Link to video

On Monday I wrote a blog titled “So Mikko Rantanen Is Just One Of The Best Players In The NHL Now, Huh?“. Well last night we got the answer to my question, and that answer is a resounding yes.

I don’t know if you guys have heard or not but the Bruins’ top line is pretty decent. Maybe you’ve heard of the Bruins before if you’ve ever listened to Spittin Chiclets. David Pastrnak. Patrice Bergeron. Brad Marchand. All pretty decent players. All pretty decent players who also happened to get torched by the Avs here.


Now it starts with Ian Cole winning the battle along the boards for the loosie against Pasta. But once he kicks that puck out to Mikko Rantanen? It’s game over, hombre. Rantanen dances by 4x Selke Trophy winner Patrice Bergeron. He then blows past Brad Marchand with an extreme amount of ease as Marchand was mostly just a cone in Rantanen’s path. And then here’s what makes that assist to Nathan MacKinnon so filthy–watch how patient Rantanen is there before he dishes the puck over to MacK Daddy. He waits until Lauzon goes to throw a poke check and stops his feet. What that does is make sure that Lauzon isn’t in a position where he can get over to MacKinnon before MacKinnon has a chance to get that shot off. Rantanen’s patience gives MacKinnon the time and space he needed to snipe away, and snipe away he did. 4-3 Avs with 10:58 left on the clock and they wouldn’t look back after that.

By the way–is this good?