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Tom Brady Wants to be in 'Hamilton'

Patriots.comIn a press conference on Nov. 14, Tom Brady talked about seeing Lin Manuel Miranda’s iconic musical for a third time Tuesday night. With the touring company in Boston, Tom and Gisele caught the show close to home, and just like anyone else who has seen “Hamilton,” Tom was more than willing to sing its praise.

“I love Hamilton. This is my third time seeing it. It’s a great show. Anyone who’s here should go see it,” he said. “It was great in New York. It was actually really good last night. I loved it.”

Though he turned down an offer to sing a song at the podium, Tom did say he would love to experience being in the show.

“Well, I did tell my wife one day I would love to just be on that show for, I don’t know, a week, but I would need a lot of practice,” he said.

Well how about that? Just another thing Tom Brady and I have in common. We were both dorky coming out of college. We were both underestimated early in our careers. We both married hot women. We’ve both gotten better with age. Handsomer and more distinguished. We both wear the shit out of formalwear. He’s the GOAT, I’m the GOAT of fanboying his GOATitality.

And now? We are both musical theater buffs who secretly wish we could be in a show. The Irish Rose in 1-3 musicals a year. Once in a while we’ll take a trip down to NYC and see something on Broadway. So a little known fact about me that I will come out of the closet about now that Brady has so bravely paved the way is that, yes, I know theater. Over the weekend we drove to the WVU-TCU game listening to the Broadway station on Sirius XM much of the way. When Broadway comes up as a topic at bar trivia, the rest of my team pretty much says “You got this” and goes to the bathroom while I handle things. Hell, last time we were in NY, we had dinner with her two theater friends and I’m proud to say I could have a reasonably intelligent conversation with them, even though they’re pros.

I’ve seen the lovely Mrs. Thornton in so many productions of The Sound of Music that I could understudy any part. I should be on call so if, say, a Liesel sprains her ankle, I could fill in and do a fairly decent “16 Going on 17.” And I’d like to. I’ve never once watched a show without part of me thinking how awesome it would be to be on that stage performing. Which is something I’ve kept inside me all this time. Until Brady came out and said how I’ve felt for so many years.

So who knows? Maybe we’ll both get to live the dream. He’ll retire at 45 or so. I’ll take a leave of absence from Barstool. And together we can star in something cool. Something funny like Spamalot or Book of Mormon. I’d say Hamilton, but I’ll never not associate that with Jimmy G.

Someday, GOAT. Someday. You and me both.