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Pittsburgh Steelers Players Didn't Waste Any Time Raiding Le'Veon Bell's Locker For Free Stuff

NFL players, they are just like us! I don’t care if you are grinding away paycheck-to-paycheck in the cubes or an NFL player making millions of dollars a year. Vulturing everything left at a former coworker’s work space that you know will not be returning is as human as it gets. Shout out to Ed Bouchette for using the word “pillaging” because that’s exactly what it is. In fact, the Steelers waiting 24 full hours after Le’Veon decided to end his 2018 season is actually more restraint than I have ever seen after someone left a job. I have watched people wheel away mini fridges and plunder fancy office chairs while the seat and the laid off person’s work corpse were still warm. The only thing usually left at that sad soul’s spot is napkins, paper clips, and a few Sweet & Low packets. So Jordan cleats didn’t stand a chance of surviving the first wave of guys that waited all season for Le’Veon to show up before he just didn’t. The autumn wind may be a Raider, pillaging just for fun. But I doubt any of the Steelers were frowning as they picked every piece of meat from the bone at Lev Bell’s locker. And I’m sure Le’Veon doesn’t give a flying fuck either, because that stuff was probably free and he will sign for a shitload of money somewhere, even if that means he has to go to perennial nightmares Jets or the Raiders. Or maybe after he watches all his ex-teammates steal and flaunt his old shit like he was just killed in the Red Wedding, maybe he figures out a way to go to the Ravens?