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Smokebro Of The Day - Office Edition: Barstool Pat

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Ain’t that the truth.

Speaking of – the Smokebro of the Day? Our own Barstool Pat.

Screen Shot 2018-11-14 at 4.23.37 PM

I know what you’re thinking…

“Sorry Kate, but he’d never, everrrrrr go for you.”

I know, I get it… The guy’s got standards.

But no hard feelings – I’ll just have to admire him from afar. And at any rate my hackey Smokebro blog was a good excuse to get a little closer & learn about this office dreamboat.


Height: 7’10

Weight: 125

Eyes: Gorgeous

Style: Sleek yet sporty

Hometown: Franklin, MA

Years at Barstool: About a year

Boxers or briefs: Tommy Johns. No free ads though.

Favorite movie: Fast & Furious XXII

Proudest moment: Being Smokebro of the Day on the Chicks site, obviously.

Any chance at all you’d bang me: Whoa, what? We’ve been over this before. Absolutely not. No. And that’s incredibly inappropriate.

Damn: Yeah. Sorry, Kate but no.

No it’s ok: It’s not personal I swear

It’s my wonky tooth, right?: Kate that’s not it

Forget it, Pat, I’m a loser I get it: I’m really uncomfortable

Man, I’m sorry Pat. Just venting: Um, I have to get to um a meeting now

Ok thanks: Uh yeah, anytime. Bye.

Ladies & gents, prepare to have your ovaries explode:

Love a man who’s kind to animals:

Let’s go up to the roof for some snaccs:

It’s settled, Pat’s a total knockout.