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Marty Mush Wednesday Gambling Slate

My YTD is now 47-40-3 and the losses are creeping up because of Thanksgiving. When The holidays start coming the losses seem to be coming easier. We will all be at the Ainsworth in NJ betting all the games tonight so come see Dave and Dan bet the MAC.


76ers -6 @ Magic

Ive said this before I hate the Magic. I will never bet on them but with Butler make his debut the only bet here is Philly. They played well last night against the heat and I think they go on a little streak here. The Magic haven’t really played anyone yet this year so their first test will be a disaster.

Pick 76ers -6

Bulls @ Celtics -13

The Celtics have been the weirdest team. They lost two in a row and I just bet them every game. The only Bulls game I have watched was the against the Knicks and it was miserable. The Celtics need to come out firing on all cylinders tonight and they win by 20. I’m not sure if they are meshing well with Hayward but tonight will show what the Celtics are capable of. This game is like when Alabama plays Bowling Green as a nice tune up game.

Pick Celtics -13 


Under 35 in Pelicans game 


Buffalo @ Ohio -2.5

I don’t know what to make of this game. Ohio broke my heart last week losing to Miami (Ohio). I love the MAC but Ohio was so bad and I have some integrity. I won’t bet them ever again and Buffalo is killing it this season. A nice little 9-1 season and Patterson is a beast.

Pick Buffalo ML 

Extras –

Michigan +7 

Duke -26

Lets have ourselves a Wednesday.