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Oh Man RG3 Might Start For The Ravens This Sunday


We are getting closer and closer to RG3 playing a regular season NFL snap. Joe Flacco’s hip stinks. It STINKS. He’s hobbling around like an old man out there. Which means if he can’t play, it’s down to two people::

Lamar Jackson:

And RG3:

It’s quite obvious RG3 is the answer to the Ravens quarterback problems. He played very well in the preseason and with the Ravens hunting for wins to make the playoffs, he is the guy. Maybe Lamar will be ready next year, but not now. Now, it’s Robert Griffin’s time to shine. To show the league what they’ve been missing out on. I’m so, so ready for it.

And shit, even if he doesn’t start, you know Lamar stinks and RG3 will get playing time anyway. We’re inching closer and closer to it happening.

So make the right choice, Baltimore. Make it RG3SZN.