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It's Only Halftime But Memphis May Have To Quit After LSU's Skylar Mays And Naz Reid Broke Its Soul

Well, hello there Skylar Mays. I mean here’s the crazy thing. Mays is known for being a spot-up shooter. He’s not known for this. That’s why this is a beautiful play. You have the hesitation, like, okay time to do this. Then bam, balls all over forehead. Just an absolute monstrous dunk. What’s even wilder? It took away from this play by Naz Reid:

Naz Reid – you may have heard of him. He’ a 5-star from Jersey, who is going to be a top-10 and possible top-5 pick in the upcoming draft. He’s part of the jelly fam and has unreal talent – just watch the video above.

Hold that Tiger baby.