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If Moving The Monday Night Football Game From Mexico to LA Deprives Me Of Sergio Dipp Then I Will Be Devastated

So the NFL just decided to move this upcoming week’s blockbuster Monday Night Football matchup between the Kansas City Chiefs and the LA Rams. The game was supposed to be played in Mexico, but the conditions on the field are so bad the NFL is scared for the players’ safety. In an effort to make things better, they’re moving the game to Los Angeles where the air quality is getting worse and worse by the day. Genius! Yeah why use Jerry World or any other stadium that will be vacant on Monday, let’s pick the one with the fires going on in the background. Well, anyways all I’ve been thinking about is whether Sergio Dipp will still be on call for the game as the sideline reporter. It’s all I’ve been thinking about the last hour. I need Sergio Dipp re-injected back into my veins. The man is a walking electric factory. I’m almost positive he was going to be back on the sidelines for the game in Mexico, but with the sudden change in location I’m not sure what ESPN’s plan is going to be here. I need him back.

Including his weird bizarro world apology he gave in his hotel room the morning after that game.

Don’t let me down ESPN, feed me Sergio.