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Pac-12 Football Head Coaches Are About To Brawl: Mike Leach Knows Who Will Win

Sometimes you dont need to add butter to a dish. The dish is fine just the way that it is. When Mike Leach breaks down which Pac-12 coach would win in an all-out brawl, you dont need any more butter in that dish.

As for the ending when Leach says that he doesn’t wanna mention who he’d have no trouble with, it’s gotta be Jonathan Smith the head coach for Oregon State.

Screen Shot 2018-11-13 at 1.46.51 PM

My dude looks like he’s always 8 seconds away from sending back an undercooked steak. My guy looks like he’s about to call for the offering in any Baptist Church in the south. This mother fucker looks like he’s about to tell you how youre derelict in your husbandly duties by not upping that life support to the next tier. That what I got from the look in Mike Leach’s eyes anyway.