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Matt Bonner And Adam Sandler, Just A Couple Of New Hampshire Buds

Los Angeles Clippers v San Antonio Spurs - Game Four

I love Matt Bonner, and it’s not just because he is a fellow New Englander or a friend of the program who went on PMT. When you have nicknames like The Red Rocket, The Red Mamba, and Sandwich Hunter while carving out a nice 12 year NBA career and win a ring, what’s not to love. Well yesterday he hopped on Twitter and gave a story that I think everyone will enjoy

Classic New Hampshire amirite? Pretty great story and a fun behind the scenes look at something that probably made no sense to see in person. That 2004 Raptors team had guys like Bosh, Vince Carter, Donyell Marshall etc, and at the time Sandler was one of the biggest movie stars on the planet so to see him talking to a rookie Matt Bonner must have been so weird. I actually went back and looked up Bonner’s stats that night and he played pretty well! He played 17 minutes and finished with 6/3/1 on 3-4 shooting. He sure did make NH proud that day.

Now I’m not sure if Adam Sandler looked like that because he’s from NH or because he already had Fuck You money, but my favorite part of Matt Bonner’s career is even though he made $30M playing basketball, he always stayed true to his roots. Find a more New Hamsphire look than this, you can’t.