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UFC Featherweight Champ Max Holloway's Son Was TURNT UP At A Bruno Mars Concert This Weekend And The Videos Are Adorable

If you’ve been following Max “Blessed” Holloway at all over the last few years, you probably know about “Mini Blessed”, the UFC Featherweight Champ’s son, by now. He’s made his presence known at his pop’s fights a few times now, catching the spotlight while he’s just dabbing his absolute head off…

…and apparently, the dancin’ ain’t exclusive to pay-per-view.

Holloway took the kid to see his favorite artist, Bruno Mars, over the weekend, and this mothafucka mighta had more sauce than Bruno himself!

…and when ya take a gander down Holloway’s Instagram page, it’s very clear that Mini Blessed is one of the swaggiest dudes on the planet.

Unreal. Kid looks older than me, too. I can’t take it.

P.S. Bruno x Blessed makes for a DOPE picture…