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Kenny Powers Stars In New MLB 14 The Show Ad That's More Realistic Than Life Itself

I love MLB The Show. One of the best and most realistic sports games out there. But I just can’t do it anymore. Call me old fashioned, but these games are getting way too complicated for my liking. I used to dominate RBI Baseball and Ken Griffey Jr. because it was 4 buttons max. On the mound it was straight heat while mixing in a curve/change and gripping and ripping every time at the plate. Now, on advanced modes because if you play with the rookie settings you take the easy way out through life, you gotta pinpoint the pitch with the dial exactly where you want it to go while giving it some English with the other knob. And hitting on the hardest mode is a total crap shoot. Would have more of a success rate being blindfolded, dropped in NYC and walking directly into Nina Adgal’s cabbage patch than making any sort of solid contact. Yes, that’s realistic. Arguably the most difficult thing to do in sports is to hit a MLB pitch. But I want to at least have a chance to hit 400 homeruns in a single season with every player on my team. That’s what video game baseball is all about.

Only thing not that realistic is the hippied out Phillies fan:


Not too sure what they’re trying to go for here. If they wanted it to be factual they would’ve had him in a white trash wife beater dumping beer on himself while simultaneously vomitting on babies and chucking batteries at the handicapped. That’s how true Philadelphia fans apparently act.

PS – It would be more of a certified hoot if Coach Kent Murphy was out there slinging stingers and dingers, too! Ammi right?